Meet Tara


Hey YA’LL! My name is Tara! Thank you so much for stopping by!

I’m a hot mess mama of two beautiful girls. Raelynn who is 7 and Alyssa who is 18. Wife of the most hunky man ever named Josh. We set up shop in the deep heart of TEXAS where we were all born and raised! (On the play ground I spent most of my days....Why does the fresh prince of

Bel-Air pop in my mind? Anyone else or just me?)

Over the last few months I have had this burning desire to do something more with my time and contribute to my family. I never in a million years thought I would have created anything like this, or even had it in me to do! I couldn’t even help myself a few years ago so who the hell was I to think I could pull this off?!? I was so lost as a SAHM! I felt the only thing I was good at anymore was telling my daughter that I was too tired to play and just mindlessly watching tv! I guess I kinda lost my purpose. 


When I was looking for something new and something that would contribute to my household and households around the world, I ran into affiliate marketing. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I knew this was my lane. I have written tons of reviews on company websites, blogs and have been apart of different companies that I review for. I have given my opinion to tons of marketing research firms. What can I say...I love to put in my two cents! 
So I hope this space allows you to show up as you! With all of the BS aside! I want you to laugh, feel community and get some major value from my blogs! I will post products I have personally used to create a better lifestyle! I will post products that I think would help you in some way or another. I promise to always give an honest and real review. I will be reviewing anything from makeup, travel, sports, food, gadgets all the way to products to save your family money and so much more. And sometimes I might just post whatever God puts on my heart! So who knows...this could turn out to be a shit show but I’ll make it a good one!

Love - Tara xoxo

Don’t forget your powers! (It’s inside you)