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Best Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Loss

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

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I’m a professional yo-yo dieter! I’m great at losing the weight and losing it fast....but I have never been able to maintain it and I have never hit my ideal weight. I’m tackling the hard stuff. I’m tackling the sugar addiction, the binge eating, struggling with my past methods of bulimia and the thoughts that reside within my mind. For the last four years I have lost as much as 55 pounds and then would gain it back. Lose 30 then gain it back. I have gone back in forth with the same pounds over and over again. I was drained and hopeless!

I have tried just about every diet, every fad, every wrap and patch! I have tried to cut out food and add different foods in. I've taken prescriptions and had the shot. I have tried almost every method you could think of...or so I thought. I ran across this product on one of my many searches after a few month binge. Theres a whole system in this product but for the sake of this blog and my fingers not falling off I will just tell you about the meal replacement shake! It's plant based by the way...so if that's not your thing don't worry! It wasn't mine either.

After all I have tried I would have never in a trillion years thought this raw vegan shake would be the winner! Now this isn't a magical shake and I had to do a few other things to get to where I am now...and no working out was definitely not one of them. I had to work on my mind and my leaky gut! If you want me to write about that just drop a comment below and I will take care of you! Anyways, back to the shake! I have had plenty of meal replacements in my yo-yo diet career. So I'm not saying Im an expert or top nutritionist but I have a really good resume of the ones I have tried so I feel I am more then qualified to put my two cents in.

The system I found is called Health Sync. It is a nutrition company focused on gut health. They are also raw vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and they have no added sugars or preservatives. When I read the ingredients I was blown away. It was one of the few that I have found that didn't end up to be a chemical shit storm. Hallelujah!!! The cherry on top for me was the taste and the flexibility of it. You can either shake and go, blend and go or get creative and make a masterpiece in a blender. I like to do them all! when I am in a hurry I just scoop, shake and go! When I have the time I like to make my favorite mix chunky monkey!

I have been drinking this shake and just eating healthy since February 1st 2020 right before the plague broke out in the world. I started this journey like many others with very little hope. Now I am five months in and so thankful everyday I gave this one a try. I started at 216lbs and I am now at 179 as of this morning. This isn’t the fastest I have ever lost weight but it’s the first time I feel like I’m doing it the right way! This shake keeps me full and has diminished my cravings. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better, my digestive issues are gone and my freaking hair is even growing better...whole other topic on my hair.

This shake isn't for everyone! If you are looking for a miracle in a blender this is close but it is not a quick fix. This is an overall solution to repair your gut, to break bad habits and fuel your body with the right foods! I still have a little longer on my journey to health but if you would love to follow along please follow me on my contacts page! Here are my results so far.....

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