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A Honest Review of Elk River Soap Company's Natural Body Products

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

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Let's be real...I used to be ok with my products being a chemical shit storm. But the older I get the more aware of what I am putting in and on my body. I am also really aware of what I put on and in my families body. For the last few months I have been trying a number of natural products and some claim to be natural. For the sake of my fingers not falling off from typing I will just tell you the one that I fell in love with. I will save the others for another post. My new obsession is a US based company called Elk River.

My first observation when I was on the website looking to place my order was that it was the only one where I could see the ingredients in each product right there on the description page of the product I was viewing. I loved seeing this! To me this showed that the quality of the ingredients were high and they are proud to show it.

The second thing I loved about this company was the price. They are very affordable, especially for the high quality of the ingredients. They were much lower then the other ones I had ordered. Bonus for me was there is one price for shipping no matter how much you order. They also have a wide variety of products which shocked me. They have shaving cream, soaps, bath bombs, lotions, oils, hair products and so much more!

I received my products in less then a week and loved how nicely they were packaged for me. You can tell they take real pride in their company and products. I ordered a bath bomb, shave cream, soap, deodorant and lotion bar. I will definitely be checking out all of the other products! I was very impressed! Since each product is handmade they can run out of some products, some products are limited time only and each product will vary a little, again because they are handmade.

My favorite product was the bath bombs. I love the custom assortment of bath bombs there are to choose from! The colors are vivid and they smell amazing. The names of each bath bomb are also very unique. It is a magical experience to take a bath with these unique bath bomb creations! They were great for my daughter as well and didn’t burn her eyes. We both have very sensitive skin and I also suffer from really dry skin. So far the bath bombs I have tried (Not your Grandma's oatmeal and Sweet Cream) have been absolutely wonderful and caused me no problems. I'm in love with the aroma and how my skin feels after my bath. I can't wait to try more!!

Another favorite was the Hemp Shave Cream. The Hemp Shaving Butter is an all-purpose shaving cream that cleanses, moisturizes, and lubricates the skin. All of these wonderful qualities give you a closer, better shave to help eliminate razor burn, reduce skin irritation and inflammation, and deliver nutrients, antioxidants and soothing ingredients to sensitive skin. It goes on nicely with very little mess, unlike other shaving cream, and you don't need that much to cover your legs. Besides that, after a shave it leaves my legs smooth and soft. My husband loved it to and made his course hair easier to shave.

I couldn't order from this company without trying the handmade artisan soap! I tried the black cherry handmade soap and the not your grandmothers oatmeal soap. Both were absolutely amazing! I love the smell of both of the soaps and cannot wait to try them all. The only products they have that contain gluten or dairy is the not your grandmothers soaps. But the others are palm, gluten and dairy free. They are vegan as well. These did not leave my skin dry as some of the other natural soaps I tried did. They also left me feeling clean with out making my skin feel really tight. I will never buy another brand of soap. So I hope they do not ever go out of business.

I also couldn't leave the website without trying the lotion bars. It was something I had never even heard of. Im only used to lotion out of a bottle so I thought this was really unique. I have really dry hands and right now I am washing and using sanitizer more than I have ever before. They have been keeping my hands from cracking and bleeding. I ordered the Wisteria & Lilac and wow..it smells incredible. I love the cute little tin it comes in so it travels well. They have a few different scents and I will definitely be trying them all. These were very moisturizing.

The last product I tried was the baking soda deodorant. I have tried lots of different brands with no success of controlling the body odor. I know the traditional deodorants have tons of chemicals that can cause cancer and more. This one is a cruelty free deodorant and kid safe deodorant! So I have been wanting to find one that works and works well! I finally found it! Even in the Texas heat it is working. It took my body some time to adjust to a chemical free one and let my PH balance with the natural one. So at first it maybe a little sticky but the more you wear it the less that happens. It also did not leave a hard to clean off residue from my arm pit. I tried the creamy coconut scent. It's a very light, clean and pleasant scent. Its a great alternative deodorant compared to the ones on the market. My daughter could even use it because it is a gluten and vegan deodorant.

I can't wait to try more and so glad I have ventured into this lifestyle of caring what goes into and on my body.

Let me know in the comments if you try this product or some of your favorite natural body products.

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