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NYX Cosmetics haul & Review!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

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Hello there gorgeous! NYX Cosmetics have been around for ages now, known for their quality, availability and reasonably-priced products. I have been wanting to try them for awhile now. I love that they can be found at the drugstores and beauty stores. Which means you can find them with ease. I picked up a few of the products to try and I must confess I loved them all. To be honest I want to try them all! There were so many amazing textures and colors so I will definitely continue to purchase and share my experience with you. Especially since the price is something I can manage on a budget.

NYX VIVID BRIGHTS Eyeliner in 05 Vivid Sapphire

For me this liner is perfection and super pigmented. It covers shimmer and glitter without flaking underneath your eye. It is VERY vibrant so if you are looking for a more natural color then this will not be for you. The brush is really easy to use. I was afraid with such a neon color that every mistake would be seen, I mean let's be real...I am not the best with cat eyes, but it glided on super easy! I wished they had it in black with the same formula. It doesn’t smudge even outside in the Texas sun.

The only con is that I cannot wear it enough and I could not find the same formula in black. I am not usually a liquid liner kinda girl so this is a big statement.

I have been struggling to find a good matte and non-cakey setting powder. I have combination skin and need it to mattify my oily zone. This powder is not the best ever but the best price is really nice. I recommend using it with a liquid base. On freshly hydrated skin it can look airbrushed and almost flawless. I haven’t found it to kick off flashback, but I am also pale and a flash usually makes me look more pale. They offer different colors that can suit darker skin and not make you look ashy or ghostly.

Midnight Chaos is all about color. I love eyeshadow palettes with distinct and unique colors. Its almost like you can tell a story with the colors. This one, is definitely giving me midnight vibes. This drugstore eyeshadow palette definitely stands out from the more natural shades surrounding it. I’m loving the layout and balance of shades and finishes in this palette. You could use these for day time and night time use depending on the colors you choose and how you apply them. Since most people use base shades every time they do an eye look, they can potentially run out of those before the rest of the shades. These shadows went on smoothly and were very easy to blend. I was shocked to see I didn't have too much residue underneath my eyes. A lot of drugstore eyeshadows can give you the raccoon look if you are not careful. Is it my favorite palette, well no. But for an inexpensive palette with high pigmented colors this is one I would use again.

I will definitely be purchasing more of these to try in the near future, so be on the look out for the next set of reviews on the NYX Cosmetics products!

What is your favorite NYX product?


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